Covid 19 Protocol

Your Safety and Ours

I will complete interior inspections if safe distancing can be maintained and if permitted by Public Health Authorities.

If I am permitted to enter the home, I would be wearing a mask and I would also be wearing protective gloves.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, local health authorities are strongly advising (or mandating) limited exposure to or contact with other people.

When I arrive at the home, I will not be shaking hands.  I will only hand out a business card if asked for one.

I would recommend that one person walk me through the home during this cursory inspection.   If the owner doesn’t want to walk me through, that is fine.

Please have all lights turned on and all doors open.  I will need access to all rooms during this site visit.  This reduces me from touching your light switches or door handles.

This is a visual inspection.  I am not a building inspector therefore I am not running water, opening up the furnace, looking in the attic, etc.

After the interior inspection is completed, I will go outside.  I am taking this precaution so I can safely communicate with the homeowner to minimize our interaction in the home.  The follow-up interview can be done outside of the home, in the garage, over the phone or by e-mail.

If possible, you in advance could prepare a list of improvements that have been completed on your home over the last few years.  This can be handed to me, or e-mailed.

By following these procedures, I can complete the inspection in an efficient manner.  Please do not assume that I am rushing.  I have been completing inspections for the last 34 years and I can conduct an inspection thoroughly in a short period of time.

Thank you for your understanding.

We will win the fight against Covid 19